You Asked, We Listened

We have done our best over the years to listen to the concerns and constructive feedback of our members.  So when we heard the request to change how the limited membership works here at UB, we gave it some serious consideration.  And we have decided to go for it!  So, for those of you with limited memberships, listen up!

Limited membership members can now let their classes roll over from week to week!  Have a busy week?  Why not make up class number 2 next week.  Ready to try out what an unlimited membership will feel like?  Do three classes in a week.  Like your membership as it is?  Just keep coming twice a week.  It's up to you! 

Limited Members will now have all of classes to spend as they wish throughout their billing month.  Classes reset on your billing date.  Unsure when that is?  Email us and ask!  We feel this will better serve your busy travel schedules and those of you trying to experiment with upgrading your membership.  You asked, we listened!