Friday Night Fights: The Open

It's around the corner.  The 2015 CrossFit Open starts next week!  If you haven't registered for the open, you can do so here.

Here are the logistics of the CrossFit Open UB style:


The week's WOD will be announced on Thursday at 5pm.  The entire gym will then perform the WOD on Friday during any and all classes.  This will culminate in our traditional "Friday Night Fights."  5PM will be the final formal class of the day.  From 6-8PM we will host high energy heats of athletes going head to head for max open points.  


If you somehow are unable to join in the Friday fun, we will also be having a special Sunday open gym from 11:30-12:30 for those who want to get their open WOD on (or for those who want to do a repeat/do-over).

Other Times:

If you are unable to come during any of these designated times, you can find a buddy who has passed the judges course to ref you or you can book a coach for 20$ for a quick pre-game and ref session.


Once you are done, make sure to finish your score-sheet paperwork (complete with signatures) and take the ATHLETE portion of the sheet home with you so you can submit your final score by Monday at 5pm.  (The earlier you submit your score, the better... as to avoid the Monday afternoon Open site traffic jam).  The AFFILIATE portion of your judges sheet will remain at UB so I can verify your score.  Scores without a judges form will remain unverified and will not count towards the open.

Any other questions?  Post to comments!