Coach Contact

Dear UB community members,

Today is a special day.  No, it is not because it is Monday (and you are all especially happy on Mondays, right?... ahem, 6:30 am class).  It is special because today you will be receiving an email from your Coach Contact. 

What the heck is a Coach Contact?  Well buddy, I am glad you asked.  Your Coach Contact is your go-to for questions you might have relating to goal setting, programming, or any of your other general needs.  For more involved consultations, you can book your Coach Contact (or any other coach).  Your Coach Contact is also who you will hear from when you pretend to have forgotten our address and stop showing up.  Basically, we're here to support you being the most awesome version of yourself.

If you did not receive an email today, please email us to let us know and we will hook you up. 

Happy Monday y'all,