The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Some people are shy when they take on something new. They sit in the back.  They do what they are told.  They don't ask questions and get what they get out of the experience.  When people join United Barbell we encourage people to step out their comfort zone and take control of their experience.  Create a vision for what kind of athlete you want to be and go for it.  This week's awesome has done exactly that since day one - no coaxing needed.

Max C. has been with us for a little over 6 months now, and he's been putting himself out there since day one.  In that time he has found himself in making friends in Oly class, working the Barbell WOD, discovering new ranges of motion and steadily climbing the PR charts like the badass he's making himself out to be.  What's to account for his successes?  Hunger.  Max wants another pound on his deadlift like a little girl wants a pony.  And as long as he keeps his motivation, the PRs will continue like clockwork.  He's even added a little extra motivational fuel to the fire by signing up for his first power lifting meet "March Madness" (with another UB first time competitor - Andrew "Silverback" W.) on March 29th.  This man is dominating his goals like a gladiator!  Keep it up Max!  Thumbs up for all the awesome!