The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Classes of mine often kick off with "Question of the Day" - a game I learned from Jenny way back when.  It's a fun way to introduce everyone to each other, but what you don't know is I love learning a little about your lives outside the gym.  And this week's Awesome never disappoints with his answers.  I believe Matthias could give the Dos Equis guy a run for "most interesting man in the world."

"What's one of your goals for the year?" I ask.
"I want to improve my snowboarding - like ride rails and do 360 jumps" he answers. 
"Oh cool, how long have you been snowboarding?"
"I just learned last year." 
"Oh, and I want to learn parasailing, too."

That's just a typical conversation with the man from whom I now expect the unexpected.  He's always got some crazy plans for the weekend, lofty goals, cool vacations, interesting meal choices.  He also writes his own blog.  The dude is just 100% not boring.  Like, at all.  Become Facebook friends with him.  You won't regret it.

Inside UB, his awesome doesn't stop.  Not the most limber of giant men when he came to us, Matthias has been working on his weaknesses and technique with a vengeance.  He asks questions and works on things before class.  He doesn't just want to do CrossFit, he wants to do it WELL.  I've no doubt he's like that everywhere in his life. 

Congrats, Mr. Interesting!  You're Awesome.