CrossFit Open - 15.3

The master minds behind the CrossFit Games promised the games would be different this year.  They delivered.  15.3 will spread out the pack with an AMRAP:

Workout 15.3

14-minute AMRAP:

  • 7 muscle-ups
  • 50 wall balls (20 to 10' | 14 to 9')
  • 100 double-unders

Now, for those of you who are near that first muscle up but don't have it -- why not spend the first 5-7 minutes trying to get it??  Nothing will inspire that first muscle up like a little WOD pressure combined with HUGE community support!! (scroll down to see Carl Paoli's tips for those of you who are game on for your first muscle up mid-WOD)  OR, better yet, try doing a muscle up for 14 minutes.  Later, if you didn't get one, do 15.3 scaled separately. 

If you do decide to go for the scaled division, here's what you've got in store for you:

14-minute AMRAP:

  • 50 wall-ball shots (20 to 9' | 14 to 9')
  • 200 single-unders

Standards are as follows:

Tips on breaking down movements:

Tips from Outlaw

Tips from the Barbell WOD

And for those of you who are looking to use the 14 minutes as time to get your first muscle up, here are some tips from Carl Paoli of Freestyle Connection

Coach Carl breaks down how to perform the muscle up transition.

So what are you aiming for??  See you soon!