Enforcing Class Caps - Heads Up

Long ago, back at the old, tiny UB gym, we did our best to jam as many athletes in a class as we could fit.  As we reached our capacity, we quickly realized that by doing so, we were doing a disservice to you, the athlete.  We started capping our classes to create a better experience for all involved.

We then moved to our current spacious home and quickly felt the pressure of class caps drop.  Athletes became lax with claiming spots and signing in became the job of the coach at the top of each class.  Now as we continue to grow, our class caps are becoming more and more important to enforce.

This is your official heads up: beginning April 1st, we will be enforcing class caps on all classes.

Why Class Caps?

Because who wants class to feel like this?

Because who wants class to feel like this?

  • You deserve to get your money's worth. In order to ensure you get quality space and time, we need to limit the student-to-coach ratio.
  • We want you to be safe.  Part of keeping you safe is making sure there is enough room for all athletes to partake in WOD movements at the same time.


What's the Policy?

  • Cap Size: All classes have a cap ranging from 10 - 20 people depending on the class type and location. 
  • Sign In Availability: Class sign-ins are available two days ahead of the class.  This prevents individuals from auto populating classes and creates a fair, first come, first serve availability
  • If a Class is Full: you may show up to be "wait-listed". If athletes no-show after 5 minutes, you may take their spot. If multiple athletes are waiting, spots will be given in order of arrival, so check in with your coach.
  • Late Arrivals: We'll wait for you for 5 minutes. If you arrive at 6 minutes or later, your spot will be forfeited.
  • Switching Classes:  On days when classes meet their capacity, you will not be able to switch from one class to the other, and you will be expected to attend the class you signed in for.
  • Canceling a Class: You may cancel your reservation up to 2 hours before class.
  • Late Canceling: If you cancel less than 2 hours before class, you will incur a penalty. Consult your member manual for info on penalties.

When Should I Sign In?

Sign in ahead of time if:

  • The class you regularly attend meets or approaches the class cap.
  • You are attending a specialty class (Oly, SWOD, L2).
  • You absolutely 100% will be attending the class and nothing will stand in your way.

Don't sign in ahead of time if:

  • You don't need to guarantee your spot in class.
  • You're not sure if you can attend the class and won't be able to cancel up to 2 hours before class.