Do You Cook?

Back in January, there was a group of UBites who took on a Whole30 Challenge.  For those of you who don't know what the Whole30 is, it is a 30 day hypoallergenic, paleo-ish diet.  When I sat in on the last Saturday round-table meeting, Joanna asked the group "What did you get out of this experience?"  The response that echoed most among the group?  The 30 days re-invigorated the groups relationship with food.  A large part of this is because in order to have a successful Whole30 experience, you are going to have to cook a bit. 

So this got me thinking -- how often does the rest of the UB community cook?  What is your relationship with your kitchen? 

I am a huge advocate for taking some time to cook, even if its just a couple times a week.  For those of you who rely on a daily trip to the ready made section of Whole Foods or restaurant hop, I challenge you to make one food from scratch this week.  Change your relationship with something that can be a great source of health and pleasure.