The Weekly Dose of Awesome

If you have been to the noon class at all over the past year, you would have met our most varying class population.  But there is at least one member who's attendance has been regular from the day she joined.  Erica is the definition of dedicated. 

This same lady came in the door with an athletic background (she swam with Stanford), but has only begun to discover her power potential.  She admitted to me during our onramp sessions - she had only really done lower body exercises and was worried about upper body bulk.  But that fear seemed to disappear pretty quickly as she became a staple of the noon crowd.

This incredibly coachable and vivacious vixen, she attacks every movement she does with precision, allowing her to maximize the gainz.  She never shy's away from a WOD (though, she is just getting comfortable maxing out) and her can-do grin makes the noon class PR in attitude.  There's a million reasons and ways to say it, Erica is simply awesome.... best of all? She almost went away (business relocation), but her business lost on their new space.  Their loss is our great win, as we'll get to watch this lady continue to rise to the top of her game.