The Open's Over, Now What?

Whether you already got it done, or you are going for a second and final shot later today, this is the final day of the open.  This year was another great open season with our Friday night series. Thanks to everyone who participated.  We had so many highlights!  From PR clean and jerks in 15.1 and first handstand pushups in 15.4, to preggers Lisa topping the scaled charts to Colleen's epic 15.5, to having people try a RX workout for the first time... What a memorable year! 

The open helps to create community, competitive spirit, and mental fortitude.  But now that it's coming to an end, it is also important to take time to reflect - What do I need to work on?  How will I take my lessons from these 5 weeks and apply them throughout the year?  Will I burn strong for a few weeks only to return to old ways of only sometimes pushing myself or will I decide to train every day with a sense of purpose?   What do I want to achieve this coming year through next years open?  Do I want to compete more?  Get stronger?  Work those muscle ups? 

I get it - next year's open is now a whole year away.... that's a long time to get distracted.  Whether or not you take the open seriously or participated; take a couple minutes to answer a couple of questions:

- What are your goals?  You can always be a better version of yourself, but you need to have a vision... what do you want to achieve?  What's on your top 3 list?

- What are you going to do about it?  Now that you have your list, what's your plan?  What are the mini milestones that will get you there?

- What support do you need?  Do you need a training buddy?  Maybe you need a session with your coach to really focus your skill time.  Maybe you help finding the right competition to sign up for.  Whatever it is, we're here to help you make it happen. 

The Open is over - take time to reflect while your thighs recover.....

The Open is over - take time to reflect while your thighs recover.....