Spring Schedule

The open is over!  It's time to start creating goals and handling all those things that you put off to prioritize 5 weeks of awesome Open competition.  Here are some of the events you should be getting involved in....

Arm Balance and Handstand Workshop

WHAT:   Inversions getting you down? Register here to spend 2 hours with Sandra Arechaederra, National Olympic Weightlifting Masters record holder and yoga teacher extraordinaire learning how to play with arm balances and get upside down with inversions. Sandra teaches inversions like handstand with the goal of strength, balance, and control. Whether it's your first time or you are a seasoned arm balancer, all levels are welcome. Beginners will learn how to enter poses safely and seasoned practitioners will learn new entries and possibilities in this 2 hour workshop.

WHEN:  April 18th from 10:30 - 12:30

COST:   40$

Get Regular Body Work

WHAT:   If you come on certain weekends, you might have a sighting of our favorite body work trio from Kinetic Chain.  Well, from what we've heard once a month is not enough.  To help you with your tired bodies, we are going to begin offering in house body work with Jay Itagaki every other Tuesday beginning on April 7th from 3:30 - 8pm!  He will be offering half and full hour sessions in the back of the gym.  Want to schedule your session?  Contact Jay to coordinate at (510) 290-1622.

WHEN:  Every Other Tuesday from 3:30 - 8:00pm (beginning April 7th)

COST:   half hour sessions: $55, hour sessions $110

Community Day

WHAT:   Have someone interested in trying CrossFit?  Someone who ask lots of questions but is a little gun shy? Bring them in to try a newbie-friendly class!  Can't join them on that day?  No worries!  Just send them along and we'll take care of them for you.  Friends/family/coworkers/bosses/employees... anyone you think would enjoy a little more CrossFit in their life.

WHEN: Sunday April 26th at 11:30




WHAT:  Did you love the open?  Ready to put your competitive spirit to good use?  Come participate in our WOD Challenge.  This is a 2 day, 5 week test where both the fastest and most improved are rewarded!  More details regarding the WOD coming soon -- but save the date!

WHEN:  Prelims - May 16th; Finals - June 20th