Coach Kristin Competes Today!

Kristin Represents U.S. StrongWoman at the Arnold Today!

Did you notice coach Kristin has been absent the last couple days?  No, she did not join the circus.  Coach K is mid-competition at the Arnold.  This is currently the only international competition for strongWomen this year (though one in Europe is usually announced for the summer).  Kristin qualified as an International StrongWoman Badass (her official title is Coach My Little Bad Ass Pony Kristin), last fall in Reno.  Her competition schedule is follows:

Friday, March 6, starting at 8am: The Events

1) Circus Dumbbell - 60 sec AMRAP,  ground to overhead, 100 lbs. (A circus dumbbell has a 2" handle and the ends are 8" in diameter, meant to be super awkward.) Two hands can bring it to the shoulder, but shoulder to lock out you can only use one hand. 

2) Super Yoke - 450lbs, for 60 ft down and back (120 ft total). For time. 

3) Farmer's Handles - 190 lbs per hand, 75 ft down. For time. 

4) Deadlift Medley - Olympic bar at 375 lbs, lift twice. Axle bar at 375 lbs, lift as many times as possible in the remaining time. 90 sec, time limit. Straps allowed. 

Sunday, March 8: The Finals

(only top 3-5 of each weight class get through depending on how many people are in each weight class.) 

1) Log Clean and Press - "Last man standing," which means the weight of the log keeps going up and everyone has to clean and press the log at each weight. The log is 10" in diameter and has neutral grip handles inside. 

2) Surprise Event - to be announced at the rules meeting for the finalists. 

While the event is not being live-streamed, please take a moment to cheer her on via comments, FB harassment, text, or any other way you can send her good juju.  The bad-assery of the UB staff never ceases to amaze me.  Kristin is a huge inspiration to me.  Appreciate Kristin's awesome and wish her luck!  Here are some feats of her awesome: