Coach Kristin Takes Silver!

This weekend, Coach Kristin proved that hard work can yield some pretty awesome rewards.  This past year Kristin has been dedicating herself to her training, making a long shlep to Novato on Sundays to get her strong(w)oman training in.  She busted day in and day out and got herself through to nationals, and then qualified herself for an international strongwoman show-down at the Arnold this past weekend.

Kristin with the rest of her women in her weight class.

Kristin with the rest of her women in her weight class.

If you asked Kristin, she would have told you she was excited, but she recounted on her blog the intimidation she felt going into this competition.  With 14 other middleweight women, she had quite the day ahead of her.  After three events, she had given it her all and was sitting in 9th with one more event.  Lucky for her, it was deadlifts (if you haven't seen Kristin deadlift, you are missing out on a spectacularly impressive sight).  So, as her brother said it best - "Clutch City Bitch! At 9th place going into the final event, Kristin summoned the power of her warrior spirit and won the final event handily to make 4th and get into the finals."

And so yesterday (Sunday), Kristin got to compete in the finals of the 2015 Arnold Amateur StrongWoman World Championships.  Here is footage from her two events:

How did the day end?  Kristin killed it, of course!  After placing second in event one, she took first in her mystery event, the "power stairs", and ended the day with a silver medal!!  Kristin killed it!   (AND today is her birthday).

In the end, I asked Kristin what her take away was.  She simply stated she was excited she got to participate at all.  Her coach is great and got her through it better than she ever could have alone.  She wanted to reiterate that point to you all - "Listen to your coach!" (nudge nudge).  Well played Coach K, well played!