The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Andrew, Tristan, and Megan showing off their ub tees

Many of our Dose of Awesomes are highly visible in the community, working out in our CrossFit classes in the front room, socializing with just about everybody. But sometimes, we have someone who flies a little under the radar. Someone who takes the road less travelled, dedicating all time and effort in pursuit of one goal: getting strong as hell.

Tristan G. has been working out at UB for literally ever (well, since 2011) and was once one of the perky CrossFitters attacking the WOD. But something happened halfway through 2014. Something that made him seek out the grittier atmosphere of the back room. Perhaps that signed poster of Arnold on the wall spoke to him. I kinda picture him becoming Batman at this point, and SWOD is now his batcave, where he keeps his gainz.

Tristan has become stronger, a better mover, and obviously, Batman. Over 400 hours of dedicated practice means he is one of the most consistent athletes around. He still throws in the odd CrossFit class, so if you're not part of the SWOD crew and you see him in class, know that this awesome man is about to throw down with a strength borne of determination, consistency, and dedication.

Tristan - you're awesome - stay Batman!

Olivia Graff

Olivia's athletic origins lie in gymnastics and circus arts. After finding CrossFit in 2007, she became obsessed, and three years later left her IT career and opened United Barbell. Olivia is particularly passionate about helping people new to fitness to find joy in their growing athletic abilities. Since the birth of her daughter, Isis, in 2013, Olivia can add helping little ones find their athletic path to her list of passions.