I am so lucky.  I get to be inspired by people I see at UB every day.  Any day of the week I see you apply yourselves and push past your perceived limits.  You reach new heights, new strengths, and new possibilities.  I get to see the process - the vision, the fight, the expressions on your face as you surpass your goals... it's a tremendous thing to witness. 

And you know what?  You don't just inspire me or your coaches.  Somewhere, someone in your life looks to you as their role model.  They look to you as the person who sets the bar for passion, drive, and virtuosity.

Last fall, Chris (a.k.a. "Runway", a.k.a. "The Governor") called me.  The excitement in his voice was palpable.  "My 74 year old mom wants to try CrossFit!  I inspired her to try CrossFit!"  After helping him find the perfect CrossFit trainer for her in Brooklyn, she signed up.  Just a few months later, and not only did Momma Constance stick with it,  she has inspired the rest of her box.  Watch her story - I bet she'll inspire you too!