The Weekly Dose of Awesome

As you give it your all during the evening class, you may have noticed there are a few individuals digging deep on their own from the other side of the gym.  One of whom has taken his 6'4" frame to new heights in his pursuit of health and fitness.

Marshall P. came to us last year looking for a new CrossFit home here in San Francisco.  His requirements: a great facility, welcoming and friendly community, with experienced coaches, who compete themselves and can provide personal programming.  Sounds like he came to the right place!

It takes a dedicated and focused individual to follow an individualized program of his nature. Training 5 days a week, with a couple double days, and track sessions, Marshall has never looked back. Even upping the ante by reworking his diet with the Renaissance Periodization template. And having the opportunity to train/coach along side him most days of the week, I can tell you first hand that his gainz in strength and mobility, along with his loss of body fat have been next to remarkable.  Could not be more proud of this guy.

But with all that being said, what makes Marshall the awesome UB athlete that he is, is his persona and interactions with our members.  Even though he doesn't participate in class, Marshall is the first to flash a smile, shake your hand, and ask how your workout was. Man of the people, giver of awesome.  Keep it up bud!!