UB Parent Support

You may have noticed that over the past year and a half or so we have had quite the array of pregnant and new momma and poppa athletes.  As our membership "grows up" and the contingency of CrossFitters with kids continues to grow, we thought, there must be something we can do to support this growing population.  We are not equipped to take on a CrossFit kids program (yet!), but the idea our  of a UB Parent Group was brought to me by Jeremy R. 

The idea is this:  a UB Parent FB group.  The purpose? It's up to you.  Be it advice, play dates, rotating babysitting while the other parents WOD... we want you to have another resource of young active parents.  So if you are want to participate in this group and you were not added to it last night, please ask!  If you do not have a FB handle and want to participate, we recommend creating a fake handle or ask a fellow FBer to keep you in the loop.  Have other ideas?  Comment below!