The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Matt W. first set foot in UB last August for an evening guest WOD and UB's 4 year anniversary potluck. He instantly made friends and became a regular attendee of the early evening and noon classes. 

Matt is no stranger to fitness. Growing up, his mom was a water aerobics and swim instructor (she taught me to swim back in the day). His sister, Amy, is a former competitive body builder, mom and CrossFitter in the Santa Rosa area and has been a big support and inspiration to Matt in his fitness journey. 

Upon joining UB, Matt had a bit of CrossFit experience at CF Glendora, but a recent move, co-Founding a new start-up and late night networking left Matt a bit deconditioned.

Since November, Matt has dropped over 20# and has become stronger and increased his endurance. Matt tackled the Open workouts with 100% effort, resulting in his first kipping pull-ups in 15.2 (s). He is always super coachable, willing to take on any workout and is diligent about working his weaknesses. 

Outside of the gym, Matt is a pretty cool guy, too. Some interesting things you may not know about him: Matt is #5 of 9 kids! He has co-Founded 2 companies (check out and has traveled to every continent (except Antartica)! 

Matt, you have been a welcome addition to UB and we look forward to watching your Awesome continue to grow.