Bite Sized CrossFit Concepts: Cardio

If you remember during the Open, we talked about the 10 physical skills.  When you look at the list - where are your deficiencies?  Which one (or few) of the 10 are keeping you from being your ultimate self?  Over the next few weeks, I want to look at these 10 from a CrossFit perspective.  For today, we'll start at the top...

1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Power
6. Speed
7. Coordination
8. Agility
9. Balance
10. Accuracy

First rule of zombieland: Cardio!

First rule of zombieland: Cardio!

Cardio/Endurance is one of those things that people already have an understanding of when they walk through the door.  It might be a love/hate relationship, but you get that it's relates to that winded feeling and the ability of the body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen to your muscles. 

What I want to highlight for you in this post is the cardio is not only built with long slow distances.  Yes the occasional longer run is important, but if you focus on just putting in the miles, you could cause muscle loss, and at the very least inhibit muscle gain.

So if cardio is your weak spot, remember we CrossFitters usually get our “cardio” in by combining it with other physical skills. You do not have to train like a hamster to be cardiovascularly fit, but you should also stop cherry-picking longer workouts, or WODs with longer runs or rows.