Monday Morning Announcements


Tommy V

Have you enjoyed the Regional WODs?  What have you learned?  This Wednesday is the last regional WOD - Tommy V.  If you are unfamiliar, Tommy V has rope climbs.  Whether or not you do rope climbs in the WOD, I would recommend bringing WOD gloves (if you have them), long socks &/or pants to do your rope skill work.  Rope fun!

Regional Tees

If you ordered a Regional WonderFotsch tee, they're coming in on Wednesday.  Make sure to pick yours up to maximize the WonderFotsch juju!

Level 2

We have been working hard to finalize the Level 2 standards and class function.  We will be releasing the general standards along with masters' standards Wednesday AM.  Keep an eye out!

Memorial Day Murph

This Monday is Memorial Day.  Per national CrossFit tradition, we will be doing Murph.  Class will be at 9am and the class will be open until 10:30AM.  You can show up as early as 8:30AM with your vest to chalk up and mobilize.  See you there! 

Member Organized Volleyball

Jamie B. organized an awesome outing of beach volleyball May 31st.  At 1pm come down to the sand court at Mission Creek Park on Berry St. (correct me if I'm wrong) to get some fun in the sun (hopefully!).