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Regionals Recap: Wait, there were Crossfit events this past weekend?

A good number of you were glued to your computer screens cheering on our own Colleen Fotsch this past weekend. For those who couldn't make the trip to lovely (not really, the weather was lame there too) Del Mar, let me clue you in to what you missed at Regionals... in addition to Colleen's bad ass rowing in Event 6. Seriously, if the camera just panned a little to the right...

Anyone who has had a chance to watch Colleen, whether during the Open or her Regionals prep, knows what a dedicated athlete she is. This weekend, Colleen the competitor was out in full force. 

Seeded in the final heat on Day One, with names like Ence, Cho and Valenzuela, Fotsch didn't falter. She took rough workouts in stride and had a great standing moving in to Day Two and the dreaded Chipper. Ah, the Trueform... it's like a treadmill, only harder. As the announcer called off the names of other athletes nearing completion, Colleen kept on, as her judge's hand shot up, surprising the crowd and the field, then running through the overhead squats and GHD.


Fast forward to Sunday and two events that, to anyone who knows Colleen, knows that these were not her favorite. We all have our goats and C2B and muscle-ups are hers. Rather than worry, she put the the plan we discussed into motion, killing the row and timing her pull-ups. Same for the muscle-ups, knocking them down and then putting on a mini (I say mini based on how fast it was) lifting clinic as she blew through the squat cleans to finish the weekend.

In review, a brief recap of Colleen's accomplishments:

- 2: years she has known Crossfit existed

- 8: months training competitively

- 6: place in the NorCal Open

- 1: place in the WORLD for 15.5

- 4: min she took off her Event 2 training run

- 5: outfit changes at Regionals

- 12: potential outfits packed for Regionals

- 1/3: pounds, after cooking, of the 50/50 burger she ate to cap the weekend

- 2/3: pounds, after cooking, of the 50/50 burger I ate to cap the weekend

So, when you see Colleen around the gym (she took one day off, you will see her), go beyond telling her what a great job she did. Watch the dedication that she puts into her training and honor her hard work by trying a littler harder in your next workout.