Have you gotten your order in??  The Wonder Fotsch shirt ordering period ends on Friday!  If you haven't gotten in on it, now's the time.  Remember, there are Shirts for all and Lady Tanks available online, or can be ordered in the gym.  10$ from each shirt order goes towards helping Colleen cover her costs for competing (travel, room, board... etc.).


Speaking of Regionals... traditionally we have closed on Memorial Day weekend because it coincides with the CrossFit Regionals.  This year the California Super Regional is in San Diego.  This is a bummer because the extra distance and expense means there will be a smaller UB contingency down to represent Colleen...  But if you aren't going to be down there cheering your face off for our Wonder Fotsch, then you should be in the gym working out.  That's why our Memorial Day Weekend Schedule will be as follows:

Saturday/Sunday: Normal Schedule

Memorial Day Monday:  Memorial Day Murph!  That's right, we will be hosting a special WOD at 9:00am, and it's MURPH.  Grab some chalk, tape up, through a weight vest on, and get after it!  This will be the only class of the day, so reserve your space!


Rumor on the street is there is an epic battle that happens at Saturday midnight every week.  The prize?  A spot in the Tuesday morning Oly class.  Anyone who has tried to attend this class knows it's the hardest class to get into.  So we have decided to try and alleviate the problem by changing the schedule.  Starting next week, we will have 2 Tuesday Oly classes at 6AM and 7AM.  Both of these classes will still cap at 10 people.  For those who attend the 6AM, the gym will be open by 5:40 every Tuesday so that you can warmup before class starts.

we know, you're excited

we know, you're excited

This will be the first in a few great schedule changes we have planned for you, so keep your eyes on the blog for other scheduling announcements.


Speaking of scheduling changes, there has been a slight change to our WOD Challenge start date.  The new date will be posted on Monday, so stay tuned!