Summer Clean Up

Nothing says welcome San Francisco June like a little morning rain.  As we welcome the SF summer, we wanted to give you a couple of summer clean up reminders...

Water Bottles

We get it.  Once in awhile you get a little W.O.D. (workout drunk) and stumble out of the gym without your water bottle, jacket, and dignity.  We've all been there.  But over the last couple months we seemed to have gathered quite the collection.  We gave warning last week, so this is a reminder:  all unclaimed water bottles will be disposed of by end of day today.

Lost & Found

Speaking of lost and found, did you know we empty our lost & found at the beginning of each month (If we didn't we'd be able to fill both bathrooms with all the goodies that are forgotten)?  In case you didn't remember, we'll give you till the 3rd this month.  Not sure if anything belongs to you?  Please look through it and check!

Lost Your Oly Equipment?

We have collected some oly equipment between the cubbies and lost & found.  We have come to believe this is a result of individuals trying to outsmart the "if it's left in the cubbies, it gets thrown away" rule.  But perhaps I'm wrong and there are just a lot of lost and found oly equipment right now?  To be safe, we're giving you until Friday.  If this is you, please take your oly equipment home with you by Friday, or it will be up for grabs.


The Mystery of the UB Tampon Thief

We pride ourselves in being a facility that offers small creature comforts like cups for when you forget your water bottle, or hair ties for the ladies who left theirs at home.  However, it has come to our attention that we have a tampon thief in our midst.  On several occasions over the last month, and entire box worth of tampons have disappeared within one day.  We do not wish to point fingers, nor do we want to stop offering this courtesy for our lady beast athletes.  So please, if you need a tampon, take one, not the whole box.