The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Back in October of last year, we received an email from Debra P. requesting a drop-in class. She was relocating from DC with about 5 years of CrossFit under her belt and looking for a new gym community. About 6 weeks later, and after trying out several gyms in SF, Deb landed at UB. (Yay, she picked us!)

When Deb first joined UB, she had been working through a hip and shoulder injury and was back to basics, focusing on form and building a foundation of strength. Deb is a shining example of patience and diligent work. She comes to class half an hour early to mobilize, asking lots of questions of her coaches and being patient with her body. During the Open this March, Deb got her pull-ups and handstand push-ups back. Deb has also been attending weekly SWOD class and has made some major strength gains. She is a fixture in the first evening class, always with a smile and ready-to-rock-it-attitude.

Deb is also teamed in awesomeness with her partner and fellow UB member, The Peter Jackson. We were so excited when Peter told us his plan to propose to Deb by way of a grand scavenger hunt that would start here at United and end in Golden Gate Park. The day was a smashing success and Deb said, "YES!" 

Deb, you have been an absolute delight to have as a member of the UB community and we're so happy you chose us to be your fitness family!