The Fran Off!

As I mentioned, it's CrossFit competition season.  What's that mean?  UB's first head to head throw-down against CrossFit Sweat Shop.  The competition? FRAN OFF!  What’s a Fran-Off? Teams of two compete head-to-head in a double elimination tournament for winner-take-all prize money doing what CrossFitters love to hate most -- FRAN!

So what's the shtick?  This is a one day tournament that will require a team of two to fight their way through at least 15 teams while feeling the satisfaction of domination while becoming a little richer.

"How much richer?" you ask. $2,000.

"What that's crazy talk. Two thousand dollars?"

That’s right. 2k, two grand, two “G's.” Paid-in-full to the winner.

There are no rules as to which team member has to perform the movements or how to divide the work. One team member can do every Fran solo if they choose. Strategy is open and left to teams to choose what’s best for them.

You don’t have to have the fastest time. You just have to beat the team against whom you are matched to move on. You win your match-up…you win.

Teams will be chosen randomly in a drawing held before the first round. The teams will remain the same for the duration of the tournament. This causes the stronger participants to redline it while trying to keep their team in contention, and weaker participants to go harder than they would normally (as they try not to let the team down).

Open to men and women who can meet the Rx’d standards. And just for the record, a mixed team won the last two Fran-Off's that Sweat Shop has held by a solid margin.

Simple enough.  Dates and sign ups will be available Friday.  Get ready!!