The Weekly Dose of Awesome

When you don't work out, what's your excuse?  You're tired?  You were out celebrating the epic Warrior's victory?   It's cold?  It's too early?  Too late?  I'm sorry.  You should probably sit this one out...  But don't let this week's awesome hear you... This is the man who owns the concept of show up anyway. 

Jon G. spends half of his life in Africa, working as an environmental engineer, and half in the bay, rocking being a daddy to an active toddler.  But does being gone for six weeks at a time stop him?  He gets personal programming for his time abroad.  Not having equipment in the bush?  No problem, just get a tire, trx, and a pair of rings and we're set.  Or slowly smuggle in one weight at a time until you can piece together some barbell work.  Why?  Because Jon gets that only Jon can make Jon better at being Jon.

Jon inspires me as a coach and as an athlete.  His determination is unstoppable.  When you meet him, don't let his Aussie sass or running mouth fool you... this incredibly caring and passionate man will be the first to shake your hand and the first cheer you on mid-WOD.  He brings energy and excitement to every challenge he faces.  No doubt about it.  Jon is all things awesome.  I am so happy he spends half his time being awesome with UB!