It's Fran Off Time!

Excited about that Fran Off?  This event is going to be an awesome show down between CrossFit Sweat Shop and UB.  There are limited spots available (16 athletes per gym), so here's how it's going to work:

The Fran Off Prelims - July 11th @ UB

Everyone and anyone who wants to participate in the Fran Off needs to come in July 11th for the prelims.  Big Mike J (the man hosting the event) will be at UB.  We will have a mini throw-down to decide who will be representing on the big day.  There will also be a quick Q&A and strategy meeting (Sweat Shop has done this throw down before, so Big Mike is coming to help even out the playing field)  This day is completely free for all who want to be in the running to represent UB on game day!  Planning on being there? Post to the Comments!

The Fran Off Finals - August 1st @ CrossFit Sweat Shop

The big day will be tons of fun.  Big Mike will pull names out of a hat, so your UB partner will be decided at random on the day of competition.  (In the years past co-ed teams often win.... and even with big bad beast athlete pairs represented in their last year's competition.... the team that won last year only had strict pull ups!!)  The day will be filled with fast paced fun and of course, sweet T-Shirts.  The day is $75 to enter, shirts for all, and $2,000 for the lucky pair (... of UBites of course... because we will win)!

We are excited to be participating in this throw down.  We hope it's the first of many!