The Weekly Dose of Awesome

While I feel like I’ve only recently gotten have Loryn in my Olympic lifting classes, I’ve regularly seen her alternately working her tail off or laughing her tail off during open gym times. Not content stick with a familiar plan, you might catch Loryn in CrossFit, SWOD, Level 2 classes, Olympic lifting, and sticking around on Fridays to join the informal mobility class.

You will also definitely find Loryn hanging out after class with other members of the gym, laughing and making others laugh. You might even catch a glimpse of her mixing her concoction of Fruit Loops and vanilla protein for a post work-out protein/carb recovery punch. In fact, getting in and out of the gym isn’t enough, she’s also been an avid follower of the Renaissance Periodization nutrition plan (hence her cereal and protein mix).

We're glad Loryn has decided to make United Barbell her CrossFit home... because if you haven't deduced it yet, she's pretty freaking awesome!