The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Originally from Venezuela Gabi moved to the states without family to pursue grad school in San Francisco. With a busy schedule of pursuing her masters and interning she needed some time for herself, some good old stress relief. With a little bit of exercising experience, she found herself in her very first CrossFit gym with me as her onramp coach. Maybe it was the barbells and chalk, or maybe it was me that was a little too intense. Whatever it was Gabi found herself in deep water and realized what she thought she was doing for exercise was nothing compared to what she had just been though. Starting with only 1 workout a week Gabi worked herself to become an unlimited member coming up to 4 x a week in just a half years time. Using her free time away from work and school to train her weaknesses she dialed in her meal plans, battled wrist mobility issues, and overcame box jump phobia. Just to name a few of the major transformations that Gabi has made in just a short amount of time. Also worth mentioning Gabi boasts an easy 200# back squat and just recently got her first strict pullup and kipping pullups.

There will always be ups and downs with your fitness journey, but if you're like Gabi and keep a positive attitude through your experiences the awesome rewards will pay off. Congrats Gabi on being that awesome, and were glad you found a home with us at United Barbell.