The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Lots of people have reservations when they start CrossFit.  Lots of women fear weightlifting will add bulk to their body.  Lots of people look at CrossFit movements and wonder "why should I do that?"  Lots of people let all those questions get in their heads and stop them from trying CrossFit.  Lots of people quit when it gets hard.  Lots of people find reasons to stop.  Archana, aka Awesome Archie, is not one of those people.

If you haven't met Archie, she is a relatively new member on the UB block.  Some might even say she's too green to be up for an "awesome" post.... But something has to be said about this inspirational lady.  When Archie started, she was unsure -- almost to the point of unwilling.  But despite her little inner voices of doubt, she trusted her coaches and gave it the old college try.  One movement at a time, she overcame judgment and fear until one day, I looked over to find Archie upside down in a handstand.  Another day I found her climbing boldly up and down a rope with no hesitation.  I couldn't help but have a proud coach moment.  Archie has overcome the greatest hurdle anyone can face in the gym - her head.

Archie, I can't see what you'll be conquering next!  You are absolutely awesome!