Bone Broth from Broth Baby

You may remember, UB member Adam F. came by UB during the CrossFit open to let our members get a taste of his new business venture: Broth Baby.  The interest in a bone broth CSA was high, so we talked to Adam about the potential for using UB as a pick up site fore weekly broth deliveries for clients.  His business is now outfitted to take on the larder volume that UB could bring, and so, I bring you his post about Broth Baby:

Bone Broth. You may have heard the buzz around this foodie ingredient, but might be unfamiliar with what it is and why it’s good for you.  In a rare overlap, foodie and paleo blogs are both picking up this hot topic.

As many of you know, CrossFit can be hard on the body.  Lunges, thrusters, pull-ups and deadlifts take a toll on our joints and muscles. Recovery can range from non-existent (simply limping around in pain), to active recovery activities to regular ice baths. But what if there were a beverage that perfectly compliments your recovery?  Because bone broth is high in collagen and gelatin, it helps your body repair itself: joint or muscle injury , digestive distress, dry hair, skin and nails, or an overall tired immune system.

Broth Baby is crafted in small batches by a certified holistic nutritionist, Cassandra Gates, who is committed to quality and spreading wellness.  We only use the finest ingredients in constructing our broth because you can’t make a quality product without starting with the best building blocks. We are currently only selling chicken broth but are looking forward to sharing our other flavors with you (beef, duck, and even pork!)

If you’re interested, you can place a pre-order here.  We are currently doing home delivery twice a week for the cost of $12 per jar or $16 for a la carte (both inclusive of delivery fee) but if we get enough orders from United Barbell members, we will start delivering directly to the gym once a week!

If you want to learn more, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to chat.

Happy brothing,

Adam + Cassandra