Fran Off This Weekend!

What are you doing this Saturday?  The correct answer is - heading over to CrossFit Sweatshop in Walnut Creek to support team UB in our first gym to gym throw down!  Nothing says "weekend" like watching your good buddies pull up and thruster their hearts out! Come support the UB athletes, aka "team green"

Alfredo R.,  Andrew S.,  Brian R.,  Courtney S.,  Dave H.,  Dustin B.,  Erica W.,  Hayley B.,  Jackie S.,  James K.,  Jason L.,  K-Tjen K.,  Nikki S.,  Robb P.,  Steve L.,  Sunli G.

as they represent UB in a head to head battle doing what CrossFitters do best -- FRAN!  We also need 4 judges available.  Please comment if you will be able to judge at all during the day.

Here is how the day will unfold:

8:00am - Athletes debrief, partner selection and heat assignments

9:00am - 3, 2, 1, go!

The teams will be going through a classic 16 team tournament bracket and will be going until the winner is revealed! 

We will be closing the gym on Saturday and hope to have as many of you out to support as possible.  GO TEAM UB!