Kinetic Chain at UB Few Spots Left

Got pains?  Monte and Jay of Kinetic Chain will be descending on UB on August 16th!

Master Monte and UB body worker extraordinaire Jay are experts in A.R.T. and are very experienced in handling the specific issues of CrossFitters and Weightlifters.

Body aches?  They've got you. Need a tune-up? They've got you.  Competitive athlete?  They've got you.

Top notch body worker leads to better performance. I consider my regular sessions with my boys as important as my car's oil change.  Don't think about it. Just do it.  

First comment, first serve!

9:00: Jenny W.

9:30: Danny W.

10:00: Jon G

1030: Dave H.

11:00: Courtney S.

11:30: Tao Tao

1:00: Manuel G.

1:30: Miranda C.

2:00: Cleo