The Weekly Dose of Awesome

As you may have noticed, our community has been growing exponentially of late.  But not of simply new members, but of UB new borns!!  Expecting moms have been a consistent and amazing addition to our daily group classes.  And as I tip my hat to all of our beautiful preggers athletes who continue their training regime, I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge one new mom who truly took the phrase "stay active during your pregnancy" to new heights. 

Since day one, Lisa Reither has been one of our more competitive athletes... And the task of growing a child in her belly wasn't going to change her attitude toward working out.  Even while toning down her exertion and max heart rate, Lisa would most often find herself at the top of each class. Accomplishing a top 5 leaderboard score in max pullups, excuse me, "weighted pullups,"  as well as performing an "aerobic" 20+ round score of Cindy.  Oh yea, and did I mention she earned the 7th place spot in NorCal in the CrossFit Open Scaled division?!  Simply remarkable.

Lisa's amazing attitude and smile during her pregnancy was infectious and inspiring.   And I continue to see countless soon to be moms following her lead in class today.  We can only be so lucky to have an two time awesome ambassador of athletic motherhood like Lisa. 

Keep rocking those weighted pullups momma!!