Remembering One of Our Own

When someone leaves this earth before their time, those left behind are left to search for solace, meaning and inspiration.  While we grieve, there are no words to express the loss of someone so suddenly gone. 

This, unfortunately, is where we find ourselves as we face the early death of one of our own, Frank Clary.  Frank, photographer, sound man extraordinaire, pod-caster and CrossFitter, passed this weekend in a car accident in Sonoma. 

Frank was a man who lived his life to his fullest, not just taking opportunities, but making them. Frank came to the Bay Area with a dream of creating and mixing sounds at Skywalker Ranch.  If you knew Frank, then you know that whatever he set his mind on he would make it happen.  After a handful of years working on such films as Avatar and many of the Pixar greats, Frank jumped into the startup world.  Frank was always excited by opportunities where he could shake things up and use technology as a mechanism for creating art and furthering great conversations.  In his spare time, Frank was involved in directing short films, commercials, working with local restaurants and wine merchants.  He was a founding member of Nopalese.  Everything that’s so wonderful about the Bay Area - technology, food, wine, art - Frank had a hand in making it better.  It's hard to accept his life as over -- even at 36, it was clear to all who knew him he was far from done leaving his mark on the world. 

We are incredibly sad for this tragedy and want to express our love and condolences to his friends and family.

For those of you who would like to participate in remembering Frank with friends and family, he is having a memorial service July 18th in Sacramento as well as a memorial dinner at Hillside Supperclub on July 14th.