The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Where do badass personal trainers go to get their fitness on? Why, UB, of course! At least that's the case for Annah H. We first met Annah when she came to coach Bootcamp classes at United Body (formerly the original location of United Barbell). Annah has an extensive background in fitness training beginning back in 2008,  coaching individuals group classes all over the Bay Area at BootcampSF and CrossFit in 2012. We were so excited to work with her!

Annah has been coming back from a spine injury and has been diligently and patiently rehabilitating, recently starting to rebuild that foundation of strength. She became a full member at UB one year ago this month (Happy UB Anniversary, Annah!) and can often be found in noon class or squeezing in a quick training session in the afternoon between her clients and classes at City Bootcamp (check out her awesome video). 

In addition to her passion for helping others be healthy and achieve their fitness goals, Annah is an active animal wellfare advocate, is currently training for a half marathon, and just signed on as the 4th member of the Moxie Madness Novice Team competing this weekend! 

On top if this robust resume and list of awe-inspiring activities that make up her life, Annah is humble, friendly, coachable and funny. She is also fiercly determined. Because I know some of you are thinking it, I may as well let you know that Annah has already been swooped up, and is just 1 month away from celebrating her 1 year wedding anniversary (sorry, Guys!). 

Annah - anything but a DNB

Annah - anything but a DNB

Next time you see Awesome Coach Annah, give her a high-five or better yet, come to Moxie Madness Teams and cheer her on!