WOD a weekend!

5 Years - in the Books!

First off, thanks to all of you who came to help us celebrate the occasion.  I said it Friday night and I will say it again now -

I am so proud of what United Barbell has become.  When we opened our doors, we had a vision of creating a community of like-minded individuals who support the fight to better themselves outside and in.  We wanted to create a family who holds you to a higher standard.  Basically, we wanted to make the best damn box San Francisco has to offer.  Well, 5 years down the road, and we did it.  Amazing individuals were drawn in to create one of the most creative, supportive, giving, welcoming, unique CrossFit communities I have ever encountered.  UB met our vision, and then it surpassed it.  UB is bigger than any one individual - we coaches and owners included.  And that makes UB the best CrossFit box.  Period.  Thank you for being a piece of our dream.  We love waking up and coming to work knowing we get to help empower you to be even greater human beings.

A Lotta Moxie

UB had three teams competing this weekend in San Jose at Moxie Madness in the Novice, Open, and Masters 170+ categories respectively. Many of our athletes were experiencing competition for the first time, navigating 100 degree heat, multiple WODs, movement standards, and team strategy.

We didn't win (or lose!), but many PRs were had, friendships were forged in the fires of sunburn, and we all drank enough free FitAid to sink a ship. Everyone left talking of what they'd do differently next year. Moxie Madness is a great competition for new competitors and a great way to stack your skills, strength, and speed up against other athletes. We all came away clear on what we need to work on. And work we shall.  Next year we hope to double our participation and continue to rock our Moxie!