Fran Off Recap

For those of you who missed it, the Fran Off was quite the day!  The day was filled with thrusters and butterfly pull ups galore, along with a solid pile of singles and lots of lessons learned.

Team UB unfortunately only made it two rounds deep, but that's only where the learning started!  Athletes got to compete against the best of the best from CrossFit Sweatshop (a few regionals athletes included), practicing their mental game as well as their approach to a sprint like Fran. 

But more than anything, the Fran off, like any competition, was an opportunity to reflect your training.  Want to find the holes in your training?  Compete.  Give it your all and you will inevitably find the spots in your game that need attention.  For Robb P, it was efficiency and speed training.  For Hayley, it was learning the importance of communication and strategy as well as needing to work her butterfly pull ups.  For Courtney it was knowing herself, her team, the competition and being willing to adjust.  For Brian R, it was seeing how movements could be faster and that competing is fun (who knew!).  Everyone came away with something. 

Even though UB didn't win this year, everyone left ready to put in the work and BRING IT in 2016.  I, for one, am super proud of everyone for going out there and giving it their 100%.  To any of you teetering on the decision to compete, I would implore you to give it a shot!

Here are some shots from the day (more to be added as I get them!)