The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Mike “One N” Chan

Mike might roll into noon class right under the wire, but he always brings with him a smile and a mentality to work his ass off. Right from the introductions at the beginning to where he’s laying, heaving in a pile of exhaustion at the end, he doesn’t lose his good humor.

Mike always pushes himself hard. When the workout suggests prowler pushes with your body weight on the sled, he doesn’t shy away. I’ve seen him be willing to stay a little after the end of class to finish up a final round of just such a movement. He chose that weight, and he was going to see it through.

But what’s really great about it, from a coach’s perspective, is I don’t catch him defaulting to bad positions in an effort to speed things up. Knees aren’t rolling in, back isn’t hunching, and even 20 mins deep into a workout, I can still coach him through and he hears what’s being said. He’ll take the rest and breaks necessary to make sure the movement is quality. Sure, it might take longer, but Mike understands that practice makes permanent, and poor position won’t give the progress you want.