The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Some of you are really quiet.  I get it - I'm pretty quiet when I'm not coaching.  But quiet makes it trickier to get to know you. Despite this week's Awesome coming up on his 3-year anniversary at UB, frankly I didn't know much about him. I knew (what I consider to be) the important things: He consistently works his butt off, and is always taking in cues and working his technique - coach's dream. He never takes himself too seriously, albeit in his own quiet way - love that. He served our country in the Army - immediately awesome. Then I found he shares my new appreciation for short shorts - icing on the cake!

But thanks to some Facebook stalking, , I discovered Jeremiah is not very quiet at all. This entrepreneur has published not one, but TWO books in 2015!  He's a karaoke master (seriously, he competes in LEAGUES).  Karaoke ain't quiet. He takes on Spartan Races and Tough Mudders. And the dude owns an Orangutan kettlebell.  Orangutans ain't quiet.  

So make your argument for quiet or not, but Jeremiah's approach to life is unquestionably awesome. 

"Excited to crush it this week at work, life, gym." - words to live by from Jeremiah B.