Look How Far You've Come, Baby!

At times, we all take a look back of where we were and how we have progressed. A lot of what we do in our UB community is measured by another second shaved off our time, another kilo PR gained, or another pound lost. What's most important to me as a coach is the intangibles people bring to class. How much heart do they have to grind it out? Are they always willing to hear the feedback to improve? How will they energize the class? Are they looking out for their peers? 

One person stands out for me. When I write his name on the white board, descriptive thoughts come to mind - consistency, tenacity, passion. That's how Ryan K. has been approaching it for quite some time. A staple of the mornings and Saturdays, he brings his energy and is always ready to go. Those working around him and partnering with him know he never...gives...up. He has dabbled in the Rx field but also is smart enough to know his limits and push progress safely. 

No nonsense, get it done and rally the troops. This coming from a person who just wanted to get better in the beginning.  Look how far you come, Ryan!   


Awesome in the gym.  Awesome in life.