The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Everyone at UB was new to CrossFit once. Think back for a moment to your first few months as a CrossFitter, trying to remember the difference between a push jerk and a power clean, cherry picking WOD’s to avoid the movements that were intimidating, wondering why WODs have girl’s names. It is a lot to take in. Do you remember the reverence with which the name ‘Fran’ was uttered? I do. It is a WOD I actively avoided for a long time. When I finally did Fran for the first time, it was in a small class and no one (other than the coach) had any reason to watch. I don’t remember my time, but it was nothing I would have wanted to share with the masses.  


I recount the story and ask you to think back to your beginnings so you have a good frame of reference for this week’s Dose of Awesome, Kenneth. For those who don’t know him, he’s the guy who accepted a challenge from a co-worker, TPJ (aka THE Peter Jackson) to a Fran Off at UB. This was no ordinary box throw down between workout buddies, oh no! These guys both work at IDEO and the entire IDEO SF office was invited to come watch. They even wore matching singlets! I doubt I would take on that kind of challenge now, much less for my first time doing Fran.


I have had the pleasure of coaching Kenneth in a few classes. He always comes to class with an open mind and ready to work. He is an incredibly coachable athlete, even in the middle of a WOD he will stop to take feedback and incorporates it in his very next rep. Keep an eye on Kenneth, he’s the guy who’s sneaking up on you and will devastate you in a WOD when you least expect it. I think when we schedule a rematch for the Fran Off, my $$ is on Kenneth!