The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week’s dose is the other half of a dose of awesome we had a few months back. Jesse Garcia (husband to Johnyne) has been with us since the new year and has made some awesome sweaty gains. Consistently hitting classes and using the “strong- lifts” program, Jesse has strengthened his power lifts and increased his V02 capacity. So much so that Jesse recently competed in his first legit competition down at Moxie Madness with huge success. Needless to say he is hungry for more so he will be on your radar.   

Jesse has a happy go lucky attitude, always being the first to say hello to fellow classmates or to greet a coach in the early morning hours with Philz. Also worth mentioning Jesse is the official rope climb demo boy. I've used him, coach Jon has used him, he’s just great at demoing them! Take note.

It’s always good to see a past on ramp graduate stick with it, be patient, and ride the swole train to success. Sure you can set a PR every day thats great. But what makes a coach proud is seeing our athletes stay dedicated to the never ending journey to be fit. Jesse is a prime example of that.

Just remember to eat big, train hard and safe, and have fun during the process. If you can follow these guidelines you will reap the rewards. Congrats Jesse well earned man!