The Weekly Dose of Awesome: Arash N

Arash giving 100% at our Fight Gone Bad fundraiser last year.

Arash is awesome. If you're here in the mornings or weekends, you already know this. He's smiling and friendly no matter what. He's an awesome partner to have in a WOD. I have literally never seen this guy in a bad mood, and if the WOD isn't to his taste, even his playful complaining is done with a smile. His wonderful wife and fellow athlete, Hoda, tells me that his great attitude is because United Barbell is his happy place. Well, we couldn't be happier about that.

Arash & I have a joke that I'm going to lock up the weights and require fingerprint access to get at them. Why? Because this guy is not afraid of pushing his limits. He's always trying for more, for heavier. His goal? To be an elite athlete. I love that - he's not messing around, he knows what he wants, and is taking steps to get there. This year, Arash wants to qualify for the Level 2 class and start learning that higher level performance from Coach Colleen.

Arash, your enthusiasm and dedication are admirable. We love seeing your progress. Keep embodying awesome!

Olivia Graff

Olivia's athletic origins lie in gymnastics and circus arts. After finding CrossFit in 2007, she became obsessed, and three years later left her IT career and opened United Barbell. Olivia is particularly passionate about helping people new to fitness to find joy in their growing athletic abilities. Since the birth of her daughter, Isis, in 2013, Olivia can add helping little ones find their athletic path to her list of passions.