The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's awesome is well overdue.  Maybe you've seen him with me mid-morning, giving 110% in his PT sessions.  Maybe you've seen him laying around in the back room, diligently working towards a more mobile body and relentlessly working his Oly form.  Or maybe you've buddied up with him in SWOD classes.  There is also a good chance you've seen him focused behind a camera, documenting a UB competition.  No matter where you run across him, make sure to give him a high five because Manuel is definitely one awesome cat. 

Manu has been a loyal member of United Barbell since 2013.  Over the years he has conquered many hurdles while maintaining his dedication and a great sense of humor.  Since beginning, he has destroyed his hatred of the jump rope, chipped away at hindering mobility issues, developed a crush on the Concept2 and found an undying love for all things barbell.  Manu is the ultimate go getter and is a resolute beast!  Thanks for making UB your home, Manu!  Our days are left a little sunnier from your puffin-awesomeness!