The Weekly Dose of Awesome: Maria M!

Today's Awesome is OG Awesome, like way back in the day 2012 kind of Awesome. That's right... this week we're calling out NorCal native Maria M. for her contributions to the UB community. This rockstar mama is a powerhouse to be reckoned with, a true Coach's favorite who knows how to go hard without ever compromising form.

You probably know Maria from around the gym (she's always one of the first to introduce herself) or from around the community (she's a regular fixture at UB events and competitions.)
But did you know this week's Awesome became a CrossFit convert in 2008 when some small-time athlete named Jason Khalipa got her hooked? No stranger to competitive athletics, Maria has dabbled in everything from tennis to marathoning to Shotokan (a Karate discipline) and was even an ACE certified personal trainer for six years.

Maria's talents extend beyond the UB walls, too. During her working hours, she counsels Accenture’s Fortune 500 clients on emerging technologies. And in her spare time, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Westside Athletes Association, where her generosity, intellect and thoughtfulness make an impact on the lives of Bay Area teens.

For that, and so much more, Maria's our Dose of Awesome! Keep up the great work!