Meet Your Prom Queens!

Thank you so much to all of you who came and made our UB Prom a spectacular event!  A special thanks to our lead decorator DIY extraordinaire, Loryn and her team Gail, Gabi and Adrian, as well as to the rest of our prom committee Anita, Courtney, and Lauren who helped us get the best vendors for the job.  It was a great evening celebrating our community and a great cause. 

For those of you who weren't there and are new to our community, we have a tradition at our anniversary party to name the Ambassadors of Awesome.  These are individuals who have stepped up to be pillars of our community and who embody what it means to be #ubstrong inside and out.  They are passionate about their athletic journey, making gains and setting goals.  They go to events and take time to make the new UB kids on the block feel welcome.  Simply put, they ooze awesome.  Over the years we have built quite the ambassador roster: Jon S. and Kelly F. (2011), Andrea S./Rachael C. and Sean F./Steve W. (2012), Jason L. and Nikki S. (2013), Charles C. and Joanna G.  (2014), as well as Chris C. and Hayley B. (2015).  It is quite an awesome group!

This year, since we were at the prom, we named our Ambassadors as UB royalty!  So, without further ado, I present to you our 2016 UB Prom Queens: Anita H. and Loryn F!


Anita and Loryn have stood out to our staff all year as being a little extra awesome.  Anita is a regular smiling face in the morning crowd.  When she decided to buckle down and work on her gains via taking on Barbell WOD programming, she still managed to be a part of the community and offered welcoming greetings for new UBites.  She challenges herself by participating in competitions and has really pushed after her goals.  Meanwhile, rotating #anitadoodles have become a beloved fixture in the gym that every member and coach look forward to and treasure.  Anita's doodles, attitude, and dedication from from a place of passion and love... the feeling is mutual!

This Loryn was a 2016 UB House Cup captain, a Summer Slam face/body painter and fabulous prom decorator.  This alone is already wonderful, but what makes Loryn a little extra special is she did all of this after getting injured during the CrossFit Open.  Loryn's dedication to the UB community is so fierce that she found ways to contribute despite not being able to physically play.  Meanwhile she has displayed unwavering commitment to having the best recovery possible by regularly coming into UB doing work and PT on her own.  Loryn - we are so excited to see you almost back at 100%.  Thanks for continuing to share the love in the meantime!