Stop Trying

I am going to try to write a motivating blog.

Do you see what I did there?  I avoided taking on the responsibility of committing to do something.  I sidestepped it by using the word "try."  And yet how often, when goal setting, does the word try enter into your vocabulary?  By trying to do something, we are not able to focus on the actual action we want to achieve.  Here is an example:  I want to you try to drink a glass of water - don't actually do it, just try to do it.  You can't.  If you try to drink it, nothing happens because trying is not an actual action.  You either drank the water or you didn't.  The same concept can be applied to your goals - you will either do them or not.  So allow yourself to commit to them.

All that three letter word does is leave room for the possibility of failure - aka doubt.  When you are goal setting doubt can have a way of creeping in and it is your job to try keep it from staying.  Let the negative thought pass in and then right back out again.  Because you aren't going to "try" to kick butt on the WOD, you aren't going to "try" to learn how to do pull ups, or to stay paleo, or"try" to commit to class 5 days a week -- you are going to do it.  Say it to yourself - make the goal, commit to it, and eliminate the word try.  TRY it out for a week - can you do it?