Food for Thought: Directionality > Status

Article by Logan over at Deuce.


It’s the reason multimillionaires go broke, professional athletes become irrelevant, and appealing body-types become haggard. Life is a matter of directionality, not status. In fact, it’s quite easy to confuse status with the ultimate goal, yet there are countless examples of how short lived status can be. What you’re becoming is, most literally, a better look at what to expect in your life.

We’ve said it before. “You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.” There is no maintenance. If you believe this to be true, then you ought to put all your eggs in the directionality basket. Improvement is the goal. Your current situation, by definition, is temporary.

Like compounding interest, a focus on improvement (even in the smallest sense) can yield unimaginable gains in the long run. Conversely, a mindset looking to maintain will decay and eventually succumb to the elements of nature even from the highest of lofty successes.

While a commitment to the improvement process indefinitely might seem like a great deal of work, the good news is this process orientation yields amazingly superior results than a result oriented mindset trying to maintain a certain level of success. Look around your life. Are there areas that you’re coasting in? If you’re not improving in any one particular area, you’re planting cancerous seeds of complacency.

Take inventory then plug in to the process of improvement.