The Rite of Passage

If you want to hone in on your weightlifting, you should check out a Tuesday morning or Thursday PM oly class.  But if you want to see what an oly competition is all about, you should clear your Saturday schedule and come to the Rite of Passage Meet at Speed Power Strength.  The competition is from 10A to 6P and is intended for athletes who have never competed in a sanctioned olympic weightlifting meet.  Best of all, you will get the opportunity to cheer on 6 UB athletes in their debut meet!   It should be a great day!  Hope to see you there!

Our Lifters' Schedules:

  • Anita's session: 10A - 12P
  • Dave, Man and Max's session: 12P - 2P
  • Brigitte's session: 2P - 4P
  • Austin's session: 4P - 6P